What We Do


Rutgers Construction, Inc. is a Class A General Contracting Company, fully licensed and insured, specializing in custom homes, remodels and commercial tenant finishing in Aspen, Colorado.


Our management team has been together for many years allowing us to work efficiently and without unnecessary overhead costs. We pride ourselves on giving our clients personalized service and exceptional project value.


We take ownership in every project, and pride in exceeding our client’s expectations. Our technologically advanced systems and detailed procedures during construction ensure every project is a success.


Rutgers Construction has invested heavily in a Virtual Panning and Construction (VPC) integrated software suite that is showcased in our office. This group of cloud-based programs maximizes materials bidding efficiency, improves value engineering, enhances materials planning, and delivers accurate as-built information. By using these tools, our project teams develop effective solutions before they become costly field corrections. We have a saying, “it is easier to move a wall in 3D than it is a wall made of concrete.”


The Virtual Panning and Construction (VPC) allows owners to see their homes years before they are built and walk through them using virtual reality. We collaborate with our project teams, including our owners, to identify opportunities to create efficiencies within our workflow and communications. We do this by leveraging technology to ensure our project teams have access to a 3D model of their space, allowing all decisions to be made with the best information possible.


Virtual Reality


Virtual Reality allows our clients and stakeholders to visualize the design and finishes in a highly immersive viewing environment. Using a HTC Vive we have installed in our office, clients can explore high dollar individual rooms, materials, and in some cases furniture. Rutgers Construction is utilizing virtual reality to help our internal users visualize certain design features and systems so they installed in the correct locations the first time.


Small and Unmanned Aerial Systems


Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles are becoming a common tool on Rutgers Construction projects. We use these systems to evaluate the impact our structures have on owner’s views, as well as their neighbors. Often working in the remote hillsides, mountains, valleys and gorges can mean sending up a drone is faster and safer than sending in a person. Once your home is constructed, we can capture as-built conditions of the site and home.


In the planning phase, Rutgers Construction will compare costs between subs, schedule, and provide recommendations to help ensure the project is executed to your standard. We will give you advice on all or part of the project details, like working with Pitkin County, the City of Aspen, costs, and minimizing risk. All our work in the planning phase is run via a cloud collaboration software. This software enables all stakeholders to see pricing specs, materials and GANT chart tracking functionality showing the schedule of your project.


Planning on the front end is valuable because it allows us to line up the right sub-contractors early on in the process. Since sub-contractors live job to job, they can and often do get booked up by other companies for other jobs around the valley. Understanding these trade constraints in the Roaring Fork Valley can really impact your time to completion.




Building a reputation in the competitive Aspen market means you not only complete the job on time and budget, but also as builders we must create financial value for our clients. This can come in the form of increasing the property value by recommending (or not recommending) certain features, materials and their proclivity to wear or tire over long periods, as an example. Your property is an investment and we understand how to preserve and increase that value over a long period of time, including expertise on building maintenance.


More immediately, however, we look for cost savings on the front end of the project. In the design process, we will work diligently to find every area where efficiencies can be found and pass those savings back to you.


In many cases, the client has retained an architect to design the project and to prepare the necessary drawings and specifications. It is our belief that a client should select an architect and a builder close to the same time so all stakeholders are on the same page. When a client selects a builder at the end of their design process, they have missed out on numerous cost savings. On-site building experience and operational know-how can really help the design team find savings so you can stay on budget. This early collaboration in the construction management process promotes effective project coordination and communication from the start. This creates an environment for success.




For new custom homes, Rutgers Construction dedicates a project manager, site superintendent and additional support personnel as required. Our involvement with every house we build is personal. We rely heavily on our past experience with certain sub-contractors to ensure the ones we hire for the job, get it done and get it done right. Knowing who not to hire can sometimes be as important. There’s always a balance between price and quality, and we will guide you at every step of the way. Our philosophy with sub-contractors is if they do not correctly perform for us on one job, we just will not hire them again. Needless to say, these relationships and project structure are key value drivers for our clients. Finally, we will always assist the client with the construction requirements for permitting. While getting a permit is often lengthly and time consuming, we are here to assist you and your architect at this important phase in the process.




Rutgers Construction employs consistent cost control measures. For example, we are happy to issue progress payment reports at any time. All costs are transparent. During the construction process we will be tracking and closely monitoring the current project against the original budget, costs impacts for changes to original scope of work and a cost to complete analysis should it be needed. Owners may track their projects via our cloud application and owner login. In addition, we can provide clients with monthly updates on all projects including cost financial reports, scheduling and a 24 hour web based camera feed so you can watch the progress remotely.


Rutgers Construction will always provide helpful solutions to problems. Even if you are just curious about rough cut pricing, we are always happy to discuss with clients the pros and cons of design, detailing, materials and recommendations about who to hire (i.e. architects, landscape architects, designers).




Below is a list of services we offer:

  • New Construction, Custom Home
  • Existing Home, Custom Remodel
  • Kitchen & Bathroom Remodel
  • House moving and Refurbishment
  • Commission of Custom Furniture, Vanities and Staircases
  • Historic Building Repositioning for Developers
  • Commercial Tenant Installations, for Tenants and Retail Developers
  • Post Construction Maintenance and Pre-Sale Home Value Driver Updates
  • Recommendations for Architects, Property Managers and Landscape Architects




If you or your family need more space or simply want to zip up your home, we can help with all of the details. At Rutgers Construction, we want to ensure a stress-free experience from design, building to execution of your project. Remodels are a large value driver and many of our past clients have seen significant increases in home value due to a remodel. Using only the highest quality materials and sound building methods, we ensure that every job is state of the art with our warranty.



At Rutgers Construction we will be your partners when it comes to building the perfect kitchen space. With your imagination and our building abilities, we will take you or your architects dream design to fruition. Custom designed, built and installed cabinets can completely transform the appearance of a kitchen and utilizing the most advanced technology.

Whether you require custom cabinets or simply refinishing, at Rutgers Construction we aim to improve the aesthetic appearance of your kitchen and bathroom. Working with the finest materials available, at Rutgers Construction we can handcraft every facet of your kitchen.

The kitchen needs to be attractive and functional. It is where families spend most of their time. We strive to deliver the highest quality kitchen on the market.



Rutgers Construction has a deep understanding of the requisite knowledge and experience need to successful fulfill all of your bathroom remodeling needs. We are equipped to handle every facet of bathroom remodeling, from replacing older bathroom furnishings such as faucets, bathtubs, and showers to installing cabinetry, and even upgrading the plumbing in older housing. As a full-service general contracting company, our primary focus is to make the entire remodeling process as painless as possible, ensuring that the job is done right the first time, while working quickly, efficiently, and professionally to limit the interruption that the project will have in the lives of our customers.

Remodeling a bathroom is an excellent way to improve the aesthetics of a home, raise the property value, and gain more aesthetic enjoyment out of the room altogether. Be it a custom luxury bathroom or a budget-friendly, practical upgrade, we have the experience, expertise, and products necessary to make your bathroom remodeling vision a reality.